Advance Guest Post


This plugin help your visitor to publish post and from frontend anywhere on your site. this plugin have so many feature like guest posting, captcha, upload image, any custom post-type, taxonomy etc.


Plugin Details


  • Let visitors submit posts from anywhere on your site
  • Easy integration shortcode to display the submission form
  • captcha support protect from spam
  • Post submissions may include title, category, author, post and image(s)
  • Customize label In front End
  • Enable/disable option for hide any option title, category, author, post and image(s)

Extra Features:-

  • Post Type and taxnomy Support
  • Publish post or Pending post
  • Enable/disable Captcha
  • Enable/disable Guest Posting
  • Success Message
  • Image size


To install:

  1. Upload the /advance-guest-post/ directory to your plugins folder and activate
  2. Go to the “Guest Post” Settings Page and customize your options
  3. Display the submission form on your page(s) using shortcode [advance_guest_post]



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