How to install and setup wordpress?

Posted by meena somendra on February 12, 2015 , Posted in WP Tutorial,

In this excercise we will provide you with detailed guidelines on the most proficient method to install WordPress on your web hosting account. Follow the instruction and manual establishment of the most recent WordPress version.

Follow these steps to install WordPress manually:

Download the WordPress installation package
Upload the WordPress files to your server
Create a MySQL Database for WordPress to use
Go through the installation process

Download the WordPress installation package

To begin the installation process, first you have to download WordPress from its official download

How to create wordpress child theme.

Posted by meena somendra on February 11, 2015 , Posted in WP Tutorial,

To create a child theme for your theme, you will need to do the following steps:

Create a theme directory in your WordPress install
Create a stylesheet with information about your child theme
Pull in the styles of your parent theme

When these steps are finished you can activate your child theme and your site will appear exactly the same as before,but it will be utilizing your child theme.

So let’s go through the above steps in detail. For this example, I will be creating

How to secure wordpress website.

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In which artical we provide how to secure wordpress website. Here is a summary of the best practices for securing a WordPress, that will help you do that. we will provide for you a few tips to secure wordpress site.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date
Protect your WordPress Admin Area
Don’t use the “admin” username
Use strong passwords
Consider two-factor authentication
 Make sure your site is on a secured WordPress hosting
Ensure your computer is free of viruses and malware


How to create custom shortcode in wordpress.

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Making your proprietary shortcode doesn’t take long whatsoever. You don’t even need an more understanding of PHP to make basic shortcodes, so I’ve assembled a couple of easy steps on the best way to bulid a easy shortcode independent from anyone else. For example we are build RSS Subscription Shortcode.

Create Site Title Shortcode

This will help you to show your site title anywhere in your site it will not take a lot of time to make this simple code. just follow

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